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With thirty years experience Holland Lift have a lot of experience in designing and developing scissor lifts. Their innovative aerial work platforms prove their mettle under extreme conditions as well as being reliable. Along with their robust design the Holland Lift has working outreach that is unrivaled in the access industry. As the exclusive authorised dealer for the UK & Ireland, AJ Access Platforms are proud to offer the wide range of platforms Holland Lift can provide. We are offering new and used machines, as well as bespoke option scissor lifts for individual business needs, such as tight spaces, colours for film sets and heights that other branded machines can't reach. Visit www.hollandlift.com for more images and information on these platforms.

Diesel Machines

Diesel Machines Diesel engines are ideal for rough terrain worksites, in a four wheel drive model for instance with caterpillar tracks.

  • Platform Height up to 34m
  • Lifting Capacity up to 1000kg
  • Can be moved under load while fully extended
  • Optional Track and Trace system

For full machine details please follow the links below: 

HL-84 E14HL-235  D25 4WD/P/NHL-160 T24, HL160 D24 4WD/P/N, HL-130 T22, HL-110 T22, HL-90 TX22, HL-90 T12, HL340 D30 4WDS/N, HL-275 D27 4WD/P/N,     HL-220 D25 4WD/P/N, HL-190 D25/P/N.


Electric scissor lifts are available in standard width and in models ranging for 0.8m width (narrow) to 2.8m (normal). With lifting capacity of up to 1000kg they will meet your every need. 

  • Suitable for indoor activities
  • Platform height of 34m
  • Can be moved under load while fully extended
  • Optional Track and Trace system

HL-160 E24HL-160 E18HL-130 E18HL-130 E16HL-130 E12HL-103 E16HL-103 E12,
HL-84 E8HL-65 E8HL-340 E30 4WDS/NHL-140 E16HL-140 E12HL-120 E14HL-120 E10,HL-100 E14HL-100 E10HL-330 E14 4WDS/NHL-285 E13 4WDS/NHL-285 E13 4WDS,HL-275 E25 4WD/P/NHL-220 E25HL-190 E25HL-220 E12HL-190 E12HL-160 E12


Emission free scissor lifts for indoor and outdoor application without compromising performance. The advantage of these hybrid machines is that they enable you to complete the entire project using a single machine. 

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor activities
  • Platform height of 27m
  • Lifting capacity up to 1000kg

HL-275 H25 4WD/P/N, HL-220 H25 4WD/P/N

Holland Lift